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A journey that started with passion is moving towards a game changer that aims to create value for the majority of Indian consumers!

The people behind Kyte energy are 3 founders with different backgrounds but with similar dreams, aiming to serve a greater purpose. With a family background in automotive business, two of them started their career in the field of sports car development. After pursuing their mechanical engineering, both of them desired to pursue a dream of doing something on their own. 

Yash, who graduated from Coventry university, was working on making sports car chassis. While Nikhil, was a part of SAE organization, working on Supra - Sports car project. Kush, an MBA from Finance added another perspective which helped in converting a dream into a reality. 

This led to the foundation of Kyte Energy in 2017. Technology enthusiasts who believed in the potential of electric vehicles to completely change the landscape of transportation & mobility. Their mission is to make mobility in India affordable, seamless, and sustainable. 

Their commitment is for building an eco-friendly solution for consumers across the whole nation that seek value & are always on the lookout for something better than what exists. Every product manufactured by Kyte Energy is closely inspected, rigorously tested by quality engineers before it's offered to the customers. 

Kyte Energy specializes in after-sales service as the industry is at a stage of continuous evolution. Besides Kyte's vehicles, their service staff genuinely cares about the customers. Being a customer centric company, resolving customer issues is of utmost importance as their core focus is towards making top quality electric scooters & vehicles with a strong after sales service team. 

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Our Team

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Production and Quality Control Team.

The team comprises experienced and knowledgeable experts from relevant fields especially our design and production engineers who work tirelessly towards continuous improvements (Kaizen). Our approach & ideology is to remove anomalies and set standards for mass production of electric scooters. There is an innate culture to do timely PDI (Pre delivery inspection) and we strictly follow Quality standards.

R&D Team.

This is the heart of Kyte Energy, this rapidly evolving industry in terms of customer needs as well as components keeps the R&D team on its toes. This team thrives to add value in our existing models as well as works on exploring new possibilities that the market needs currently and in the future. Our Research and Development department works on two wings; one on the customer need front and second on the technology development front. Both theses wings synergies to deliver maximum Value.

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Service Team.

Delivering seamless experience is one of the pillars of Kyte Energy. Electric segment being new; customers are still in the process of getting used to the industry. Our service team strives to deliver the best experience to Kyte owners. Components are changing regularly in this evolving segment; our team ensures upgrades and improvements as and when required.

Pillars of Kyte Energy

Technologically well- equiped | Relaible | Transparent | For Everyone

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Kyte Energy's EV Scooter Wins the 'Monsoon Scooter Rally'.

Hitesh Ghadge from Hadapsar bagged the winner's title at the ..at the Nashik Monsoon Scooter Rally, organized by the Nashik.